Last updated: 12.04.2014

Online naval shooter SeaCraft is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 technology. Some time ago the company Epic Games has launched an Unreal Engine 4 technology licensing for everyone, including full access to the source code!

We - the team of Hiazma Games - are active participants of unreal community, and we greatly appreciated their decision.

Earlier, we already share various sources, game modules, articles and notes, which were useful for other developers. This time we went further. Now the whole project is avaible for use and modification under MIT open source license.

Our target is not only to make the world a better place, but to arrange development process to be clear and open for players. You can not only participate in development right now, but also follow the project's life "in real time".

Whatever your choice, good luck and have a nice day! :)

Source code access

The game project is divided into few parts:

         - Game module code (C++)
         - Content assets

1.         Game module. Avaible via Github:

This module contains the game module source and will be interesting for programmers only. If you're mod maker or artist you needn't to get this part to work on the game.

2.         Game content. Avaible via SVN: svn:// (public read-only access)

Contains ingame assets, materials, blueprints and other stuff, including pre-built game modules (.dll's).

Be envolved

You can contribute the game in several ways. If you are a gamer and want to play the game as soon as possible, then you can purchase a game pre-order pack. If you're a developer, feel free to join us to work on the project!

And most important thing - if you're partial to the game about naval battles involving missile fleet, tell about SeaCraft to friends and colleagues, and spread the word! Join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Discuss, like, share with your friends, or simply tell us how to make the SeaCraft better.

Yours truly,
Hiazma Games Team