SeaCraft game is the online naval shooter with the original style of the second half of XX century. The game will drive you into the enthralling world of sea battles from equatorial latitudes to northern ices.

Missle and torpedo boats, submarines and submarine hunters, cruisers and battleships and other deadly toys will become your instruments for achievement of global domination in the sea.

New history is here. You can join SeaCraft right now!

Not a cold war

Great confrontation of two superpowers led to a full-scale military conflict. Now you are the one to create the new history of the world.

Steel monsters

What is more absorbing — to be a daring captain of a missile boat or a sober-minded submarine admiral? Lots of modern steel giants will wait for you in docks.

Great battle

Oil, gold and uranium turned out to be number one in the armaments drive. Control mining operations on the global map using force or establish connections with smugglers for fleet support.

Dangerous ocean

Every sea conceals danger for travelers even for military vessels. You should be equally vigilant at calm or angry sea if you expect to see the seashore one more time.

The Jolly Roger

Only venturous captains dare to become pirates. Regardless your goals - going for the gold or sense of justice - start your own war. Even well guarded convoy is not a barrier for absolute war.

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